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this is the story of two teens, he and she, in love

they had been together about a year and a half, when his father got transferred
out of state. when he finds out, he has to tell her that he's leaving in two weeks.

the last two weeks, they tried to spend every waking moment with each other, and on
the last day, neither could stop crying; they were so sad, that they were really not
going to see each other any more.

Songwriter's Blueprint:

Step 1:
- What is the relatable premise?

I love you, I feel that you love me too, and we can't see each other
any more

step 2:
- what is the lyrical or musical hook title that
    encapsulates this

One Last Hug

step 3
3a decide where will the hook be in the chorus
      beginnning? middle? end?

dunno yet

3b what will comprise the rest of the chorus

it was so hard for me to tell her we can't be together, it hurts
so much, like a ton of bricks, that's why I'm staying now, so we
can have One Last Hug

step 4
- what will I say in the first verse and prechorus

we've been seeing each other for about a year and a half, when my dad
says he's been transferred across country, and now, I have to tell my
girlfriend that I'm leaving in two weeks

step 5
- what will I say in the second verse (and prechorus if any)

it's the day before the move, and we've been spending every minute we
can together, and we're both so sad, because tomorrow is the last day
we'll see each other