Welcome to Discord Linux!
Glory to the Tux

- Please make sure you have completed the membership screening in the #welcome channel before submitting this form!

- Before you begin chatting away, there are a few rules that you should familiarize yourself with. Please note that these rules do not cover everything, and punishment given for reasons not listed is subjectable to staff's discretion.

- If you ever have any issues with how Discord Linux is ran or have suggestions, please use the 'feedback' command in #bot-spam.

jimlqpublic@gmail.com (not shared) Switch account
General Rules
#1 - No memes, shitposting, spamming, or huge messages.
#2 - No harassment, personal insults, or insulting language. Know when a debate has turned into an argument.
#3 - No NSFW or illegal content. Do not discuss things that break Discord's Terms of Service (https://discordapp.com/terms), including self bots.
#4 - No invite links or advertising other servers.
#5 - Do not abuse the bot. Keep most command use in #bot-spam.
#6 - English only.
#7 - Use the channels as intended.
#8 - Cooperate with Discord Linux staff members.

Moderators have final say in the enforcement of these rules or other infractions.

- Don't attempt to loophole or use semantics to get around these rules.
- Respect the intent behind them, not the literal text.
Distributions That Are Not Supported
- The following distributions are not supported in Discord Linux:
  • Kali Linux, Parrot OS, or any other pentesting distro
  • Solus
  • Any derivative of Arch Linux, including "install scripts"
  • Most unofficial derivatives of Debian or Ubuntu (including Linux Mint and Pop!_OS)
  • Any version or flavor of Ubuntu which is not an LTS version
  • Any version of Debian which is not the stable version

- These distributions have a history of breaking important system packages and compatibility with software you install.
- The Discord Linux community will not offer support for any of these distributions.
- Feel free to use them, but please do not ask for help with them here.
- See 'sudo info mint', 'sudo info solus', 'sudo info manjaro', 'sudo info archvariants', and 'sudo info ubuntu based' in #bot-spam for more info.
- See https://kutt.it/supported for a more exhaustive (not complete) list of distributions Discord Linux does and does not support.
Punishment System
Restricted Words

- Messages containing Discord invite links and certain restricted words will automatically be deleted by '@sudobot'.
- Using most of these words will result in a warning in #mod-logs.
- List of censored words: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/discordlinux/rules/master/censored.txt

Verbal Warning

- A staff member asks the user to stop.

Written Warning

- A staff member issues a warning to #mod-logs.
- The user will be muted for 15 minutes at 3 warnings.
- The user will be muted for 1 hour and have their 'users' role removed automatically at 8 warnings.

Temporary Mute

- A staff member temporarily mutes the user.

Temporary Ban/Permanent Ban

- A staff member bans the user from the server either temporarily or permanently.

Please note:

- Staff members will determine the proper punishment based on the infraction.
- Warnings, mutes, and bans are logged to #mod-logs for everyone to view.

Lovely Sudoers (Staff)
Pinging Staff

- Do not ping staff members without good reason.
- For example, if someone is spamming the server, feel free to ping '@sudoers'.

- Role to ping all Discord Linux staff (use with care)



Ethan Weegee

Faith | Am Girl!

@Discord Employees
- These are actual Discord employees. Please do not bother them.
Users Role
- In order to join roles with colors, upload files/images, embed links, use most bot commands, use external emojis, and post reactions, you must have the 'users' role.
- After agreeing to the rules, the 'users' role will be given automatically if the you have not gotten any warnings after a 48 hour waiting period.
- To get a colored role, use 'sudo usermod -c <role>' to join your favorite distro's role after earning the 'users' role.

- #rules - Listing of Discord Linux rules.

- #announcements - Announcements related to Discord and/or Linux.

- #introductions - Tell us about yourself through the 'profile' command.

- #cool-links - Links to related Discord servers.

- #mod-logs - Logs of all moderation actions.


- #news-general - RSS news feeds related to Linux.

- #news-arch - RSS news feeds related to Arch Linux.

- #news-fedora - RSS news feeds related to Fedora.

- #news-opensuse - RSS news feeds related to openSUSE.

- #news-ubuntu - RSS news feeds related to Ubuntu.


- #tech - General discussion on Linux and computers.

- #offtopic - Chat about almost anything; server rules still apply.

- #games - Channel to chat about games.

- #customization - Share your *nix desktops and configs. Windows is not *nix.

- #programming - Place to discuss programming, coding, etc.

- #bot-spam - A place to play with the bots.


- #support-linux - Support for general Linux issues.

- #support-distro-installs - Support for installing Linux distros.

- #support-games - Support for games that run on Linux.

- #support-discord - Support for the official Discord client.

- #support-non-linux - Support for things that don't fit into the other support channels.
Other Information
Now get chatting!

- To join a role, head over to #bot-spam and use 'sudo usermod' to list the available roles and 'sudo usermod -a <role>' to join a role. You can join as many roles as you like.

Changelog for #rules

- https://github.com/discordlinux/rules/commits/master

Invite Link

- https://discord.gg/discord-linux
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